Wednesday, November 16, 2011

After work walk at Carillon Park

Female anhinga posing for a portrait. They love to do this.

I think this is a pine warbler.

Tricolored heron

Green heron on the boardwalk.

There's a small lake with a boardwalk around it about 5 minutes from work (and that's if I hit the one red light). I don't go there that often to look for birds since it's always busy with people jogging and walking their dogs on the boardwalk. But since it was the last week of daylight after work I stopped by for a quick walk. It was such a beautiful night, it was packed with people. I didn't see anything unusual but at least I got a good walk in before heading home. Above are a few things I saw on my walk. There's always a lot of anhingas around and they are not afraid of the joggers or dogs. They will sit on the boardwalk rail while you walk right past them. If you stop or get to close they will wave their beak at you but won't leave. I try not to get too close because I'm always afraid they'll stick me with that beak.


  1. How nice you have a park so close to work with such a variety of birds. The heron shots are especially nice.

  2. even though these might be 'usual' boring everyday sights for you, your photos of them are magnificent and i never tire of seeing them. we don't see tri-colors here and i just eat them up when you show them here...

  3. Oh wow, these are gorgeous birds! Can't believe the anhinga will let you get so close- I would definitely be afraid of their beaks too!

  4. And that beak is sharp! Beautiful pictures, love especially the green heron.
    Best regards, Marion

  5. Oh I love the green herons..I love to watch them using a stick or a small rock to attract the fish to the top of the smart...

  6. Wow Dina, I don't know Anhingas but you sure got great shots of all these birds! I do know Green Herons and can't believe they let you get that close without flying. Remember, your common birds are someone else's rarities ;-)