Saturday, November 26, 2011

Disney sights at Animal Kingdom

Waterfall at Animal Kingdom

Tree of Life on a cloudy day.

Some of the details in the Tree of Life. The animals that are carved into the tree are really cool.

Eagle in the Tree of Life.

Mount Everest at Animal Kingdom. What a nasty day!

It's a friday in November. You would think it would be a little less crowded, but no. This was taken near the safari ride in the Africa section. We rode the safari ride twice. This was the most crowded part of the park.

You would think living an hour away from Disney we would go all of the time. We try and make it once a year. Life gets in the way of hanging out at an amusement park all of the time. Plus, you have to be in the right frame of mind to battle the crowds and wait around for your fast pass time to arrive to get on your favorite ride. Not to mention spending a fortune to get in and eating your way around the park. Epcot is my favorite Disney park because I love eating all of the different foods from the countries but we hadn't been to Animal Kingdom in several years so we headed there. The safari ride is pretty cool so we rode that twice in the morning and then spend the rest of the day wandering around the park. I kept thinking "Why aren't all these kids in school?" It was fun to get away for the day.


  1. Wonderful photos from Disney, it is a very popular place to visit. I just love the carvings and the tree. Have a great weekend!

  2. Nice report, the tree of life is amazing!
    Best regards, marion

  3. that tree of life is really cool! something to study for a long time. i could do without the crowds (and rides) though!

  4. The wood carving are awesome. My daddy and his company worked for the Disney Company when they were first building walt Disney World. He was responsible for the design and lighting of the parking lots. I went there time and time again while it was under construction and then as an adult took my kids there for years and years. We stopped going after the completion of Epcot so you know how long ago that was. Love seeing photos from there...especially of the parts that did not exist when I used to make the trip. Enjoyed your post. genie