Saturday, November 12, 2011

Boyd Hill on a beautiful day

There's always an anhinga sitting in this spot.

Life imitating art.

Snowy egret flying in.

Another eastern phoebe.

Based on the short bill, I'm going with a Downy Woodpecker.

Boyd Hill Nature Preserve was pretty quiet on a recent Saturday morning. The few migrating birds I saw were high up in the trees and I couldn't get any shots of them. The eastern phoebe was the only one to get a little lower and sit for a portrait. I was a little disappointed  that I didn't see any raccoons, otters or alligators there. I know there are tons of them that live there but they were being scarce that morning. It was a little bit cooler and very windy. I left the house with a jacket on but had it off after my first 30 minutes there. The weather here has been perfect. Anywhere from 70 - 80 degrees and a cool wind blowing. I love this time of year. When it's sunny and 70. Sorry all you folks up north already getting snow. It's time for a visit down south.


  1. love the top anhinga, and the one sitting on the sculpture is just too cool!

  2. No reason at all to be disappointed I would say, I love the anhinga and woodpecker!
    Best regards, Marion

  3. Your photography is getting so good!! These pictures are amazing. That first anhinga is awesome. And that second one, OMG!! What a photo op!! The little Phoebe looks so soft and sweet. Wish I was there!!

  4. Love the "life imitating art" photo!!!! And yes, definitely time to head south!