Sunday, November 13, 2011

More shots through the bedroom window

I looked outside and saw the usual, an osprey sitting on my neighbor's dock. But wait, I looked again and realized there was also a blue heron sitting there. It was nice of the osprey to share his space. I'm sure he would not have let that little blue land if he had been munching on a fish.

I've been getting a lot of male house finches at the feeder.

Not one I've seen in my tree before. I think it's a palm warbler or pine warbler.

No, the squirrel wasn't yelling at me. I caught him yawning. I'm sure he was ready for a nap after eating all of that bird seed.

Almost dark in the backyard. All picture taken through the bedroom window. You can see how almost dead the grapefruit tree is. My hubby keeps saying we need to pull it out but it's so nice being able to see all of the birds in the tree. I couldn't see that when the tree was full of leaves all year round.


  1. wow! the osprey and heron make strange perchmates. :) and the squirrel yawn was too funny!

  2. I'm surprised the osprey was willing to share it's fishing spot. That's an unusual to see. And that squirrel is too much -- very cute!

  3. Wow, hard to know which I like best. I'm SO impressed by the osprey and the heron back-to-back, but I love the squirrel's yawn, and the little birds, and the sunset, too. If the grapefruit tree isn't in danger of falling on you or on someone else, I think you should keep it there, for the very reason of seeing the birds.

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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  4. That squirrel photo is so cute! What a great capture!