Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fun things at the zoo

Cute grasshopper. There's still a few hanging around.

Stork in the African exhibit. At first I just thought he was showing off for me, then I realized a great egret had flown into his space and he was trying to scare him off.

Baby penguin is growing up.

Baby rhino running fast around the exhibit. He was having a blast.

Lorikeets munching on some Halloween leftovers.

Birds in the aviary preening each other.

The weather has just been too perfect. I don't want to jinx it but we've been lucky. On a Sunday afternoon I decided to head over to the zoo and hubby came with me. He even though it was too beautiful to stay inside and watch sports. It was crowded but not uncomfortable crowded. The weather had cooled off in the afternoon and most of the animals were very active. Very different than in the summer when the animals are sleeping all day from the heat.


  1. That grasshopper photo is wonderful! And the stork is very cool! Love the photos, Dina!

  2. Beautiful photos, especially the stork and the last one of the two birds preening:)

  3. gorgeous shots, as always! the grasshopper shot is fantastic!

  4. I agree with everyone else that the grasshopper shot is amazing!

  5. Great shots! I love the Stork's threatening pose!

  6. Lovely photos Dina. I love the Lorikeets munching on the pumpkin. That one could win a award for color commentary!