Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sunrise birds at Circle B Bar Reserve

Just before the sun came up, birds were flying everywhere.

Limpkin in the early morning light.

There's plenty of woodpeckers everywhere.

My only eagle sightings of the day were from far away.

This was the most photographed bird of the day. He must have sat in the same spot all morning as all of the photographers walked down the trail. Everyone at the photo walk that morning got the same shots.

Fish crows doing a blast off.

Pretty flowers everywhere.

All of the above where taken on my photo meetup walk at the beginning of November. There wasn't much bird activity out that day. After the exciting sunrise, we walked the trails and saw very little in the way of unusual birds. Everyone got excited seeing the red shouldered hawk and started snapping away. We saw several eagles from far away. At one point, two eagles were chasing each other high in the sky. It was cool to watch but then we were like "Did anybody get any pictures of that?" It happened so quick nobody got a shot. Things are picking up at the reserve. The yellow flowers are out in full force and a few migrating ducks have arrived.  More on those later.

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  1. the eagle shot drew me in
    beautiful birds

  2. Great shots! What better take on Skywatch Friday than a few birds flying!

    You may also like to contribute your flower photos to Floral Friday Fotos:

  3. All pretty birds made me smile.
    Greetings from Norway

  4. Wonderful series, Dina. My favorite is the fish crows blasting off. Happy skywatching!

  5. Such beautiful photos. I love the owl!!


  6. That is a groggy looking limpkin, must not be a real morning person.

  7. Is that a red shouldered hawk? Whatever, he's good looking as all of them are!

  8. Great shots as always, love the eagle! Have a nice day, Marion

  9. Fantastic photo of the Red-shouldered Hawk! How nice that he just sat there for you!