Sunday, December 18, 2011

Big Gulp!

"Oh no, here comes a car. She'd better not steal my fish."

"If I flip it just right, it should go down pretty easy."

"I wonder if she has any hot sauce."

"No? Well, here goes another bland fish meal."

"I'm gonna have heartburn for a week."

I was leaving Boyd Hill Nature Park in south St. Petersburg after a two hour walk and decided to drive over to the other side of the lake where it looked like there was a park there. It was mostly just a boat ramp with lots of parking. There wasn’t much there but lots of coots and cormorants. I was thinking to myself “I’ll just drive through the parking lot and leave.” As I pass the boat ramp I see a great blue heron in the water facing the lake. All of sudden he turned around with a big fish in his mouth. I pulled up right in front of him but was afraid if I got out of my car it would spook him and he would fly off. So all of the above were taken while sitting in my car. It took him a few minutes to swallow that big fish. I think he was waiting for it to stop flopping around in his mouth. After his big gulp, he wandered back into the water and I drove off heading for home and lunch.


  1. yikes! hot sauce, tartar sauce, something! :) pretty impressive shots from the car, dina!!!

  2. Those are some great shots, Dina! Those yellow eyes are amazing. Nice job!

  3. Fabulous detail for car shots, Dina. Congratulations on arriving at meal-time.

  4. These were incredible captures! That first first one rocks!

  5. I love this series of shots, along with your commentary!

  6. Wonder what kind of fish this was? I bet he had the feeling that his mouth was bigger than his stomach after he swallowed;)