Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lesser Scaups and Ring neck ducks

Male and female lesser scaups and ring neck ducks floating together. They stayed right in the middle of the small lake.

A male ring neck duck flapping his wings. Maybe showing off?

Male lesser scaup in the middle with two ring necks.

"Hey, how'd that sea gull get in there? Does he think he's a duck?"

Something spooked them.

I had read on my favorite local bird site Pinellas birds that there was a lesser scaup at Crescent Lake Park near downtown St. Petersburg. I stopped by there recently and not only found a flock of lesser scaup but they also had ring neck ducks mixed in with them. The group of about 18 of them stayed right in the middle of the lake. At one point something scared them and they all took off flying but then looped around and landed right back in the middle of the lake. I was hoping they would make their way closer to one side but they stayed right in the middle. It's a small lake and on a Saturday morning there were tons of people jogging and walking their dogs. I hope they stay there through the winter. I'm going to check back there after the holidays to see if anything else has joined the group.


  1. Great shots, Dina! I love the yellow eyes!

  2. Great photos ... love the sneaky gull!

  3. great pics.
    i wish i knew my waterfowl better.