Saturday, December 24, 2011

Cloudy windy day at Fort Desoto

Redhead ducks. The one on the far left is the male.

Short video of a ruddy turnstone trying to eat a dead fish on the beach.

Now the ring billed gull is trying to decide whether he should take a bite.

Camouflaged bird in the old washed up seaweed. I'm going with least sandpiper on this one.

Short video of a plover taking a bath.

It was a quiet cloudy day at Fort Desoto. Since the sun wasn't out and it was windy, it kept the people away. It was nice to have the place almost all to myself. I stopped by the duck ponds before you drive into the park and all I have found was a huge flock of redheads. The usual coots, moorhens and mallards were there along with a handful of ring neck ducks. I was hoping to see something more unusual like northern shovelers but if they were they, they were hiding. My first stop in Fort Desoto was the east beach turnaround on the bay side. All I could find was a few shorebirds and ring billed gulls. Next I headed to the north beach marsh. More on that later.


  1. can definitely hear the wind in the videos. seeing the redheads would be a huge treat for me!

  2. Beautiful shot of the redhead duck! MERRY Christmas to you and your family!!