Saturday, December 24, 2011

Florida animals light up the night.

Merry Christmas from Florida!

The Florida Botanical Gardens, in Largo, puts on a nice light show for the holidays. The main gardens are small but packed with lights. I stopped by there after work and it was packed with people. There were carolers, food vendors and craft tables set up. They definitely do it in Florida style. I think it kicked off my holiday spirit. It usually doesn't feel like Christmas until I get to Atlanta on Christmas eve to stay with hubby's family. Since I work in retail, November and December are crazy work months and I don't want to spend the time thinking about holiday stuff. I don't bother decorating my house because we aren't home for the holidays and I'd rather take that rare off time to be out shooting than inside decorating. And for me, it's still hard to get in the mood when it's 80 degrees outside. Once we get to Atlanta, it's a bit colder, the in-laws' house is decorated and I can finally take a deep breath.

Have a great Holiday and thanks for stopping by!


  1. oh, hoping you're enjoying today, then, in Atlanta! :)

  2. Great photos! Hope you enjoyed your day in Atlanta! Merry Christmas!