Thursday, December 8, 2011

Along the Sunshine Skyway bridge - Skywatch Friday

Dunlins digging in the sand. (Thanks Steve, for the ID).

Two ruddys on a rock.

Ruddy turnstone all alone.

Pelican flying by.


Perfect windy day.

I headed down to the outlet mall just south of St. Petersburg. I threw my camera in the car just in case I saw something interesting. It was a cool and windy day so I was not surprised to see a bunch of kiteboarders in the water. I pulled off on the access road near the Sunshine Skyway bridge and snapped a few pictures of them. It looks like fun but it's really hard. My hubby does it and he has taken lessons and still says it's hard.  There were a few shorebirds hanging around but nothing unusual.  

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  2. I love how clean and clear Florida beach water looks with shorebirds and waders a lot of the time. Those first shorebirds are Dunlin, they are much more gray/brown in the upperparts than Sanderlings.

  3. always love your shorebirds. except for a snipe or plover, we don't get to see them here!

  4. Love Florida....Miss Florida...Your photos are so pretty. The little birds are so sweet and your pelican is impressive. The kiteboarders are amazing. Such a nice, colorful post with beautiful skies. genie

  5. Hi there - very nice waders - ours are just coming back after a long flight!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Australia

  6. Beautiful post! Candid shots of birds engrossed in their lives. Very nice framing :)
    I guess u had a thrilling day with the kite boarders :)


  7. those kiteboarders look like giant birds out over the water, fit right in with the other flyers.

  8. The wind in Florida lately has been amazing for kiteboarders and wind surfers.