Saturday, December 3, 2011

I thought spring was over


Over the long Thanksgiving weekend, I headed out to the Florida Botanical Gardens in Largo. I wanted to test out my new 50mm lens. I wasn't sure if anything would be blooming there but of course it's still warm and sunny down here so there were lots of flowers around. The lens seemed to do pretty well with closeups. Next time I want to bring my closeup filter with me to try and do some macro shots on the new lens.

I don't know what type of flower that is in the 2nd picture. It was growing in a pot and didn't have a tag in the pot. It looks like some type of iris.  Although, it almost looks like a multi colored Christmas cactus flower. Any ideas? 

Camera Critters 

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  1. So good to see all these pretty flowers and their little visitors. Great photos!