Saturday, December 17, 2011

Ducky weekend in the backyard.

Late Saturday afternoon, I look out the window and 2 mallards are sitting in my backyard under the grapefruit tree. They rarely come in the yard.

I walked outside and they started walking towards the end of the dock.

They stood at the end of the dock watching me for a few minutes. I thought they'd jump in the water but they didn't.

I go back in the house and later I see them again wandering around under the tree. They seemed to digging in the grass below the bird feeder. Where they looking for bird seed? How did they know bird seed would have fallen on the ground. Did a little bird tell them?

Sunday morning I looked out the window and a pied grebe was swimming in front of our dock. It was a very ducky weekend.


  1. Great captures of the ducks! Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. so jealous you have a grebe. ours did not come back this winter! love the 'walking the plank' photos!

  3. don't ya just love those Sunkist Orange feet!