Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Limpkin scratching at Walsingham Park.

Limpkin eating a freshwater mussel. This was taken at Kapok Park in fresh water.

No rain for a while so the lake was low. There were a lot of snails showing in the lake bed. This is the limpkin's main diet.

This pink stuff is apple snail eggs. They lay their eggs above water so the fish don't eat them (that way the limpkins can eat them when they are fully grown). I noticed this big blob at the Circle B Bar Reserve in Lakeland when the dragonfly landed on it. Now I see these blobs at the lakes around here. I guess that's why the limpkins hang out at these lakes.

I had heard there were baby limpkins at Walsingham Park so I went looking for them this weekend. Of course, I never found the babies. I did see 2 adult limpkins there but the park is so big they could have been hiding anywhere. It was such a beautiful day everyone was there jogging or walking their dogs.

You don't see limpkins as often as you see other big water birds such as ibis, herons or egrets. They are fresh water birds hanging out at lakes and rivers. They are called limpkins because they look like they are walking with a limp. These birds are very loud. I've been at Kapok Park close to dark in the spring and heard them call out to each other. It is mind numbing. I'm sure the houses around there love that.

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