Sunday, November 1, 2009

Birds of Sand Key

Royal tern posing on the beach. Nice toupee.

Snowy egret on an uncomfortable fence.

Great Blue Heron walking along the seawall.

Looking for fishermen who might be giving handouts.

Late last Sunday afternoon was so nice I went for a long walk at Sand Key Park. The small fishing piers below the big Sand Key bridge over to Clearwater beach had a diverse group of birds hanging around. All were hoping for a handout from someone fishing. Most of the people fishing were just ignoring the birds. I'm sure they don't want the birds to get their bait. It's a pretty view when standing under that big bridge. You can see all of downtown Clearwater and the causeway. I was hoping to see dolphins going by, maybe next time. There were a few nice sailboats going by though, like the one below.

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