Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Plight of the plover

Snowy plover walking on a beach.

Snowy plover resting.

Black bellied plover - his belly will turn black in the winter. It is the largest plover in the US.

Piping plover at Fort Desoto.

Sign when you enter the north beach area at Fort Desoto.

I was out at Fort Desoto recently and saw the above sign. It amazes me that you have to put up a sign to tell people not to do these things. I've been seeing a handfull of these little plovers lately. They are so cute and tiny. They constantly dart around like sanderlings do. If they are not moving it's hard to see them on the sand. They are a threatened species in the United States. They build their nests on sand and there's not too many places left where they won't get trampled on. They are so tiny and their babies are very easy prey. Please, if you are on a beach or causeway use the sign above as a guide, even if there's not one posted.
Below is a recent article in a Sarasota newspaper about whether Sarasota county should take part of the beachfront and turn it into a parking lot which will really endanger the snowy plovers trying to nest there. Plovers vs parking lot? Who should win?

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