Friday, November 20, 2009

Photo lesson

Earlier this week I had a photo lesson with a local photographer named Jason Collin. We met at Sunken Gardens in St. Petersburg in the morning. We worked on floral photography using different lighting and different set-ups. He made me use my tripod most of the time (which I hate using) so it was good for me to get the practice in. He also let me use his prime macro lens which is harder to use than you think. It's a trick to get it into perfect focus. Above are some of the pictures I took.

You can check out Jason's blog here -


  1. the last picture with the purple is glows. all the pictures are beautiful!

  2. Thanks for choosing my lessons Dina and writing about it.

    I know, using a tripod is a pain, but besides helping to get sharp images, it slows you down and makes you think about composition more too.

    I really like the first image of the pink-red flowers, it has very good detail and nice exposure.