Monday, July 12, 2010

Baby robin gets a worm.

I was in Atlanta over the 4th of July weekend. Unlike here in Tampa, it was sunny and cool (85 degrees). It was so nice I had to get out and walk around every day we were there. I had my first visit to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens this trip. The first time I tried to go there was in April in the afternoon. It was so busy the parking lot was closed so we didn't stop. It was beautiful there. Everything was groomed to perfection. The gardens are right in the heart of the city and sits next to Piedmont Park. At first I thought I would be the only person looking for birds but later I saw a group coming in with binoculars looking up in the trees. I found the above baby robin hopping around under some trees. It seemed to have found a worm. The last picture is one of the parents.
More Atlanta pictures to come.


  1. Too cute. I had a series of robin pictures several years ago. Still have them. The meal pictures are some of my favorites.

    I need help.

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    I would like for you to type out your favorite family recipe. Nothing fancy, just whatever type is on your machine. Include your photo of yourself or of the dish you send or both. I can usually use your blogging profile photo if that is OK with you. Include the recipe.

    I will post your recipe with your pictures and I am working on whether or not to include links. Links are no problem but so many people switch blogging services and that would make your link non-working, so I will probably not link your blog.

    Send the recipe, with your photo and a photo of your recipe in a dish or whatever, to:

    Thank you for your recipe.

    Abe Lincoln

  2. Hi Dina,
    What a fantastic and unique sequence! I love that...