Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Small things that fly or jump - Atlanta

While there weren't a lot of birds at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, there was still a lot of wildlife there. Lots of bees and butterflies around. They had a pond that was full of frogs. Not just ordinary frogs. They were big beautiful bright green and yellow frogs. I've never seen them that pretty here in Florida. Watching the frog pond was worth the price of admission.


  1. I went out a while ago and took some bug pictures. Saw a bug I never saw before. I will have to post it.

    I like your photos of the trip to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. You got some nice photos.

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  2. all the shots are very very beautiful.congrats

  3. Just went through quite a few pages on here, and wanted to comment. Your photos are beautiful! You make me think I should ditch my little waterproof Fuji and get a decent camera..