Saturday, July 3, 2010

Black necked stilts at the waste plant

I found a black necked stilt couple that's been hanging around the waste plant ditches in Pinellas county. I've seen them several times on my way to get lunch and finally one day last week I brought my camera to work and stopped off after work. They are very skittish birds so I stayed back pretty far. As I was walking around in the un-mowed grass, I noticed the below eggs pretty close to the stilt couple. The birds were both in the water looking for food. The below might be their eggs. I've seen other people's pictures of stilts with eggs and always thought "How did that big egg come out of that little body?" The eggs were sitting out in the open so I'm not sure what chance they have of surviving. That grass gets mowed a couple of times a year. Plus there are tons of alligators and other birds of prey hanging around. I'll go back next week and check on them.


  1. Great shots of the Black Necked Stilts. They are pretty birds.

  2. Eggs coming out of that body is amazing. But I'm amazed that humans can pop out a 10lb young un.