Saturday, July 10, 2010

Tiny waders at Fort Desoto

Above is some type of sandpiper. I went to and it told me it was a solitary sandpiper. I'm not sure if I'm convinced that's it. I don't remember seeing this exact type of bird before. Update -Thanks Matt for identifying the above as a willet.

A baby plover. Not sure what type of plover. It's about a couple of weeks old. One of the below could be the parent. They were all running around together with a group.

It's really tough identifying plovers. Wikipedia list over 41. I think the above 2 are Wilson's plovers. The sign when you cross over the bridge at the north beach says "Piping plovers nest here" (the sign looks like it's a couple of years old). The above doesn't have the band around the neck that piping plovers have so I'm not too sure. They are really tiny cute birds. They can run really fast across the sand. You have to be careful when walking around not to disturb them.


  1. Excellent capture Dina!!! They are all superb with a beautiful light and settings. Just perfect!

  2. Dina, great images; the top one of which is a Willet.