Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Climb Up Amicalola Falls

I think this was about a fourth of the way up the mountain. You can just barely see the top of the waterfall through the trees.

This is halfway up the mountain.

More from halfway up the mountain.

There wasn't too much water coming down. I think they had been having a short dry spell.

Looking down from the top.

Now for the trip back down.

Amicalola is a  Cherokee Indian word meaning “tumbling waters”. It is the tallest cascading waterfall east of the Mississippi River. We parked just past the visitor's center. Our hike started with a half an hour trek up the trail. Then we had to climb 600 stairs winding through the mountain and crossing over the waterfall. I take the stairs at work everyday climbing 4 flights to get to my office. I thought I would be in shape but I was still exhausted. When you get to the top you see it's worth the trip. We stopped for a snack and hung out for a while and took pictures. Then we started back down the stairs. Of course, you can drive around the side and up to the top, but how much fun is that?  There's a lodge at the top if you want to spend the night and cabins around the park area.

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