Monday, November 1, 2010

Non bird things at Circle B Bar Reserve - My World Tuesday

I was disappointed in the alligator count during my recent visit. I only saw this small one. I had heard a really big one had been sitting on the trail recently but I never saw it. It might have still been too hot for them to come out of the water.

I found these tiny frogs sitting on a small palm tree right on the trail.  This frog was smaller than my thumb.

This frog was on the same tree as the above but was a little greener and bigger. I'm thinking he's an older version of the one above? They both have the white stripe down their sides.

There were a lot of these spiders everywhere at the park. Since there hasn't been any rain for a while there were big spider webs all along the trail. They were spread out across the trail just over my head. It was a little creepy walking underneath them.

Still a lot of butterflies at the park. This one looks like his wing has had a rough time.

There are lots of other animals at Circle B Bar Reserve in Lakeland besides birds. Big spiders were everywhere. I just tried to pay attention where I was walking around trees so I wouldn't walk into any webs. Besides lots of the above, there are wild hogs, otters and coyotes. All of which I have not seen there yet. I hear the wild hogs come out at dusk so I won't be hanging around there after dark. There's also the usual raccoons and snakes as well but I have seen those there.

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  1. What beautiful photos! You sure have an eye.

  2. Superb photos and your do indeed have an eye! Terrific post for the day! Hope you have a great week!


  3. marvelous photos. i love the frog on the leaf--refreshing colors.

  4. What delightful shots - especially that frog on the leaf.

  5. Wonderful nature shots. Love the cute frogs.

  6. Thanks for showing us a part of your lovely world.

  7. Greetings...I am in awe over your alligator photo. It is a gorgeous capture! Frog is just amazing and the spider and birds as well..Thanks for sharing! Linda