Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Osprey fights for his fish - My World Tuesday

I thought a recent trip to the Roosevelt Wetlands by work was going to be disappointing. I stopped by after work and there wasn't much there. As the sun was going down and I had decided to leave, I heard an osprey making a lot of noise. He was flying across the lake with a small fish in his talons. I then realized that 2 blackbirds were chasing him. It amazes me that these smaller birds are brave enough to go after the osprey to get that little fish. They chased him for about a minute and then gave up. The osprey finally landed on a nearby dead tree and ate his little fish quickly. I noticed later that I managed to get a faint full moon in the top of the 3rd picture.

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  1. I suppose the blackbirds knew the osprey wouldn't waste his fish on coming after them. risk takers, for sure!

  2. Terrific! I really like that last one ... the osprey with its wings outstretched and talons down preparing for landing. Hope your hubby is feeling better.

  3. Enjoy your blog and love the wildlife photos!