Sunday, November 21, 2010

Fall trip to Zoo Atlanta.

All of the trees at the zoo looked like the above.  Beautiful colors everywhere.

I saw this beehive high up in a tree.

The moon was still out right before lunch.

Meerkat poking his head out.

Baby giraffe at Zoo Atlanta. The keeper said it was almost 4 months old. It stayed in the back the entire time I was there so it was hard to get good shots.

Xi Lan is a new big brother this month.

The weather in Atlanta during our trip was just too nice to stay inside for even a second. I left everyone sleeping in one morning and headed out to the zoo just to get outside and walk around. The trees around the zoo were gorgeous. I think this is the first trip we've made to Atlanta since we left 8 years ago during the leaf changing season. I really wanted to see the pandas since we don't have them at the zoo in Tampa. My first lap around the zoo found Xi Lan sleeping. A quick second lap before I left found him eating. It wasn't until a couple of days later that they announced his mother, Lun Lun, had a baby. 

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