Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bird action at Circle B Bar Reserve

Great blue heron standing funny in the reeds. I have never seen one stand like that. I guess it was drying it's wings.

Immature blue heron fly-by.


This anhinga had caught a tiny fish. He was popping them down like popcorn shrimp.

The opsrey had a big fish. There are a lot of osprey at the park.

The limpkin was trying to hide his apple snail snack. Sounds like something Kellogg's would make.

Above is what the limpkins eat. I saw several limpkins at the park. More than usual. It must be a banner snail year. Someone must have lined the empty apple snails up on the side of the bank.

More pictures from my first fall trip to Circle B Bar Reserve in Lakeland. Mostly just the usual birds there. But they all seemed pretty busy getting food. I'm going to try and get back there before Thanksgiving. Hopefully, the white pelicans will have migrated in by then.

PS.  Happy Halloween.


  1. More great pics. I love catching birds eating, like that osprey and anhinga -- very cool.

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