Wednesday, October 27, 2010

First fall trip to Circle B Bar Reserve

I'm thinking this is a palm warbler. 

I'm thinking this is a pine warbler but I could be way off. There's a ton of little birds that look like this. Any ID would be great.  It was so tiny and flew by quickly. This is extremely cropped.

Black bellied whistling ducks. It's great to hear them go whistling by.

Pied grebe above. Recently I've been seeing them everywhere. They duck under water so quick.

Snowy egret taking off.

I hadn't been out to Circle B Bar Reserve in Lakeland since May. It's just been too hot to hike around an inland park. In the beginning of October we had a cold snap (meaning 80 degrees) and I had to go. I got there around 9am, which is late for birders but I really needed to sleep in. It was already hot. There weren't a lot of birds there but I did manage to catch a few tiny ones. I think I was just a little early for the big birding season there. Any id's on the first 2 little birds would be great. I looked them up but they all look alike. I'm planning on many visits there between now and spring.


  1. Love your beautiful birds Dina...
    Your photographs are my only chance to see them.

  2. Wonderful captures as always. Looks like you found a lot of activity in spite of the heat. I wish I could help ID the little birds. The Sarasota chapter of the Audubon Society has a site where you can submit photos and ask for ID help. I haven't tried it yet, but it sounds great:

  3. Your part of the world has so much to offer this time of year! Really lovely shots!