Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Storms around the causeway - My World Tuesday

Storms were moving into the Tampa area a few weeks ago.

I took this on my way home from work from a parking deck on Rocky Point island.

Typical of Florida, it was raining across the bay but not where I was.

Skimmers were hanging out in the parking lot on Rocky Point island.

Looks like these laughing gulls were settling in for the night.
Just a few weeks ago we were getting storms every day late in the afternoon. Even in late September.  I had my camera in the car and was ready to go to a park after work but the storms looked bad. On my way home though, it looked like it might clear up. I stopped on the Courtney Campbell causeway and shot a few pictures before the sun went down. This was the last big storm since then.

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  1. so beautiful photos, been raining here in the south of the Philippines too, .. dropping by for
    Dropping by for My World Tuesday

  2. We didn't get that storm, we must just be far enough south to miss it! Lovely pictures. I always like your bird photos! Love them!

  3. Thanks Lyndsey! These were taken over 2 weeks ago. We haven't gotten a drop since. I think this was the last of the summer storms. Now I miss them.

  4. Great shots, and very dramatic skies! I love the gulls shot...and the sunset. So pretty...

  5. This is a wonderful series of photos. The clouds and weather seemed to cooperate and give you a chance to capture these beautiful moments. Thanks for sharing.

  6. We need a little of that rain right now!