Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Early birds at the North Beach Marsh

Oystercatchers trying to sleep.


Marbled godwits trying to sleep.

Another "willet scratching" shot. These guys seem to do this a lot.

Snowy egret hanging on.


Little sanderlings looking for food.

Actually it wasn't that early. It was just before noon a couple of weeks ago at Fort Desoto. I was hoping to catch all of the shore birds doing something cute or eating but most of them were just trying to sleep.  You can always find sanderlings running along the beach looking for food. They dig their little beaks into the sand. I'm not sure what they are finding. I never do see them actually eat anything. They run really fast on those little legs. Since it was a quiet day I grabbed lunch and the beach chair and sat down to read for a while.


  1. I love those sanderlings; they are really comical to watch sometimes.

  2. Nice shooting. Let me ask you a tech question: Has the Sigma lens made your 70-300mm lens almost redundant?

  3. What a nice place to take your lunch!

  4. Is it bed time.. ?
    Most of them were trying to sleep.
    Great shots Dina.
    Have a great weekend.