Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sunshine Skyway Fishing Pier -Skywatch Friday

A couple of weeks ago I was on my way back from Sarasota and decided to stop by the south side Sunshine Skyway fishing pier. It's the old Sunshine Skyway bridge that was hit by a barge over 30 years ago and was permanently damaged. They built a new bridge (in the background) but left most of the old bridge up for a fishing pier. I got the discounted $3 picture taking rate instead of the $5 fishing rate. I parked at the entrance of the bridge and walked all the way to the end. It took me about an hour to the end (stopping to take tons of pictures on the way). It was a Monday so it was not very crowded and people seemed to be very relaxed, pointing out the dolphins and stingrays they had seen. One lady was telling me about all the sharks you see there but I didn't see any while I was there. I will definitely plan another trip here soon.

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Lots of great and snowy egrets hanging out on the fishing pier.

Great egret flying by.

These were the only 2 ruddy turnstones on the bridge.

Not as many pelican as I thought there would be. Maybe because on a Monday there aren't as many fishermen.

I caught this manatee going back under the water. It was weird seeing a manatee in the middle of the bay. He was a big one.


  1. Your shots are awesome. Haven't seen Egret in my life they look like very strong birds. Happy Friday!
    Sky Reflection

  2. Oh aren't they beauties! love the blue sky backgrounds

  3. Hiya dina,
    What a marvellous contrast of the birds and the background. Looks nice and warm where you are.

  4. I can see it's a great place to take photos of birds. They seem so much more relaxed when they are in Florida! They are done raising families and ready to sun bathe at the beach. Gosh! They sound so human! :)

  5. postcard perfect shots with the Skyway in the background!

  6. Great Shots. Love the ones with th bridge in the background.

  7. Isn't it great that they left the bridge up for a photography and fishing pier? A much better idea than tearing it down.
    That shot of the Great Egret in flight is marvelous. And you can't beat a name like "tawny turnstone" -- could be a folksinging group or even a rock band. No turnstone left unturned.

    Kay, Alberta

  8. Lovely birds. I love how you captured the bridge in the background, too. Quite unique looking!

  9. Beautiful shots. The bridge creates a very cool background.

  10. Great shots. Looking forward to see this more in the coming months.

  11. Hi Dina!!! I am blogging about my trip to Sarasota and St. Pete, but my pics of the Skyway Bridge just didn't come out very nicely. If I give you credit and redirect folks to your blog, will you let me use that picture of the skyway bridge with the pelicans in front??