Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sunset on the causeway - Skywatch Friday

It hasn't rained in weeks.  Which makes for a beautiful sunset every night but the grass and trees are started to get crispy. I took the above driving home from work recently. In another 2 weeks the time changes and I'll be driving home in the dark so I'm trying to stop and get pictures at least once a week.

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This blue heron was digging up some seaweed. There must have been something good in it.

There was a handful of shorebirds on the causeway.

Something in the water startled this great blue heron. Might have been a stingray.

There's always lots of skimmers flying around the causeway before dark.


  1. Love all the golden hues to these photos. And what a good idea for you do stop once a week to take pics.

  2. What an awesome glow a sky like that puts on everything! So pretty!

  3. Great set of photographs. Sunset and some birds both.

  4. wow, stunning shots!!! love all of them

    cheers from Uruguay

  5. You are fantastic bird watcher !

  6. Amazing photos! The first one is gorgeous!

  7. The first picure is absolutely gorgeous !
    It gives a feeling of calm happiness ..

  8. I don't think I've ever seen a sunset so red and golden in person. Thanks for sharing your views.
    Su-sieee! Mac
    This and That. Here and There. Now, Sometimes Then.

  9. I just returned from Ft. Desoto. It got its fair share of rain this past week.