Thursday, October 21, 2010

Travels To The Edge roadtrip - Skywatch Friday

My trip began this past Friday night. I left work and picked up my husband in Lakeland and we headed across the state on Highway 60. It's a two lane road of cow pastures. Along the way we saw 2 kingfishers, a hawk, tons of osprey, 2 bald eagles flying along side of the road, 3 different sandhill crane families, horses, cows and a handful of road kill. Oh, and lots of vultures. We were headed to West Palm Beach. Hubby had wanted to go visit his aunt and cousin and I found an all day photography seminar happening there on Saturday so off we went. The Florida turnpike has these big electrical poles running along side of it for a while.  They looked cool at first but they went on forever.

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One of my favorite shows on tv is Travels To The Edge which runs on PBS. Above is Art Wolf, who is the star of the show. He is a nature/travel photographer that travels to exotic locations and talks about taking pictures there.  He had an all day seminar in West Palm Beach so I had to go. He talked about inspiration, composition, difference between an okay picture and a great picture, etc. It was a great seminar and his pictures are amazing.  

Art's website -

The trip back to Tampa looked like the above most of the way home. Small old buildings on a two lane road that forks into nowhere. It was fun to see old Florida though. On the way home we saw 2 eagles sitting in a tree close to the road. Hubby turned around and pulled off the side of the road so I could take the below pictures. It was almost dark and I only had my small point and shoot camera with me. Below is what happens when you try to zoom in too much on one of those. Too much grain and noise in the picture. It was so great to see them I had to post these anyway.


  1. Any road trip that has that many birds sounds GREAT to me!

  2. That eagle photo is about as good as it gets. I will not see one here though they are around the Stillwater River not that far away. I like you link and will have to pursue that and his work. Thanks.