Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Birds at Largo Botanical Gardens

A flash of gray goes by me. It's a tufted titmouse making a quick stop on a tree.
I'm starting to see cardinals everywhere.

Red bellied woodpecker.

Blue grey gnatcatcher.  This has to be the tiniest bird there.

This woodpecker looked slightly different than the first one. It was smaller and did not have the red on it's head. It could be a different woodpecker or an immature red bellied, although his beak looks different as well. I searched through the over 200 different species of woodpeckers and decided my head would explode before guessing this one.

A great egret doing his duty. Yes, the whole world is a toilet.

I made a recent stop to the Florida Botanical Gardens (in Largo). The morning started out cloudy and I thought I would get rained out but later the sun came out (and so did the mosquitoes and humidity). There was a good variety of birds there but I did not find any of the little migrating birds such as warblers. I also did not see a single alligator although I know there are several there. I think it's still warm and they are hiding in the water. 


  1. Great pictures, especially the titmouse! Thanks for posting.

  2. Each one is a beautiful bird.
    Thank you Dina for sharing.

  3. Love that tufted titmouse. Believe it or not, I believe I saw the same type of little woodpecker last weekend in Ft. Myers. I would have thought it was a chickadee or something similar, but it was pecking away at a branch. I've never seen such a little woodpecker.

  4. That's a gorgeous selection Dina. I can rarely see this birds over here but some of them can be seen in France!

  5. Your little woodpecker is a "Downy Woodpecker"
    Males have a red spot on back of their head, females don't. I have them in my yard. Their little pecking sound is cuter than the Pileated's!