Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Baby Limpkins at Circle B Bar Reserve

"This looks really yummy Mom."

"Hey, wait, that's my bite."

"Let's go get more snails Mom."

"It's break time. Mom's tired of dunking her head under water for snails."

"Look at my cool wings. Soon I'll be flying"

"For now I'll just have to walk."

I had heard there were baby limpkins at Circle B Bar Reserve while I was on my trip to South Dakota. It seems late for babies but better late than never. I couldn't wait to get back and go looking for them. I'm not sure how old they were when I took these, maybe 3 to 4 weeks old. They grow up fast. I walked down to Wading Bird trail and didn't see them at first. Mom was in the water looking for snails and I think the 2 babies were hiding in the nearby bushes. All of sudden out pops mom and the babies on to the trail. She had brought them out to feed them on the side. After a quick bite, they headed back into the bushes along the water. About half an hour later they came back out with another snail. There were originally 4 babies and now it's down to 2. There's lots of alligators in water at the park. Hopefully, the last 2 will make it. 


  1. Wow what beautiful birds! Love the little one!

  2. Great photos, and love the captions you added to them:)

  3. oh, they're so cute!! i do hope they make it!

  4. Oh.How.Cute! Super photos Dina!

  5. Oh, I hope they do make it, Dina. Those last two photos just captured my heart.

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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  6. These are just too cute! I do hope they manage to survive. No wonder mom takes them into the bushes with all those nasty, snapping alligators.

  7. Wow, how cute! The baby limpkin is just adorable. I would be happy to see the adult limpkin, extra special to see the baby. Awesome photos, Dina!