Saturday, October 29, 2011

Boring ole birds at Fort Desoto and a missed sunrise.

Tricolored heron with a tiny fish.

Bye Bye. I love the way they skip over the water as they are taking off.

Pelican flyby.

Pelican diving for fish.

Lunch at the fish factory (Fort Desoto). The pelicans were diving for fish out in the bay.

It was a gorgeous Sunday morning. After sleeping in, hubby and I decided to head down to Fort Desoto to spend time on the beach. I decided to bring my camera and try my bird luck at the north beach marsh while hubby took a nap in his beach chair. There was almost no birds in sight. Instead I ran into a strange flock of photographers heading down to the north beach sanctuary. I joined them and we had no luck there as well.  The poor tricolored heron was doing some fishing so we all took tons of shots of him. Quickly he got tired of us watching him and flew off.

The big story of the day was the spectacular sunrise, which I missed by sleeping in. I got teased for letting sleep get in the way of a great sunrise picture. One of these days....   Check out what I missed -   Dan's sunrise video,   Jess's postMichael's post.


  1. Dina, beautiful shots of the tri colored heron. Sorry you missed the sunrise. Next time!

  2. Have to say your boring ole birds are pretty awesome to me!

  3. Beautiful pelican pictures you've taken :0)

  4. Boring birds? Surely not! Great photos.

  5. Beautiful - always worth to stop and admire nature!

    Thanks for sharing -

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