Sunday, October 9, 2011

Wild things at the Great Plains Zoo

Robins where everywhere.

Cute little chipmunk with some kind of food in his mouth. I think this is food from one of the zoo animals. I don't get to see chipmunks in central Florida so I was excited to see them here.

Beautiful butterflies were everywhere.

The zoo was full of canadian geese. They were sleeping or grazing in most of the exhibits.

Since my sister lives close to the zoo in Sioux Falls, we decided to spend a little time there walking around on my last day of the visit. It was sunny and 70 degrees so we had to get out after spending so much time in the car driving back from Rapid City. It's a small zoo but very nice. They had a large variety of animals there including wild geese that seemed to be resting on their way south. It was a perfect way to end a visit in South Dakota.


  1. Lovely pictures, the Monarch butterfly is my favorite!

  2. Wonderful collections of photos and critters. I love the pretty mnarch and the chippe wiht the mouthfull is great.

    1. isnt the monarch just wonderful

  3. adorable little gopher! we don't get to see them here either...

  4. Two of my favorite pictures ever are ones I took at the Great Plains Zoo last summer, tortoise and peacock!
    Hope you had a good trip through SD, your pictures look like you did. Come again.

  5. very pretty butterfly

  6. was that a monarch butterfly i saw