Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wild animals in the Badlands

Our first sight into the Badlands Park was of some deer bouncing across the fields.

Badlands bunny.

The prairie dogs were so cute. They made a lot of noise. They kept barking the whole time we were there. It almost sounded like they were singing to each other.

Munching on some leaves.

Bighorn sheep along the road. I had to get a picture of the smaller baby. The adults would not turn around.

More bighorn sheep along the road. I took this while my sister slowly drove by since we were in an area where there was no place to pull off. We didn't see any males with the big horns, only females and juveniles.

Our three hour drive through Badlands National Park was full of wildlife. I think my favorite part was the prairie dogs. They were scurrying around the field. The biggest disappointment was that I only saw one bird. A lone vulture flying high up in the sky. Well, I also didn't see any snakes. There were signs at all of the paths and boardwalks to watch out for rattlesnakes. It would have been cool to see at least one from far away. Lucky, I haven't crossed any in the parks in Florida although I've heard there's a few at Fort Desoto. After the Badlands we stopped in Wall, South Dakota before heading to our hotel in Rapid City. Wall has a 76,000 square feet tourist shop. We bought some fudge and hit the bathrooms before heading out. Next stop, Mount Rushmore!


  1. Ah...Wall Drug -- a must-stop for any South Dakota tourist. I lived in Sioux Falls for awhile and prairie dogs there are like squirrels here. They're everywhere and very cute. Have fun at Mt. Rushmore ('The Heads' as the locals calls it). Hope you have good weather for some great pics.

  2. Ooh I love South Dakota! Great photos of all the creatures. Wall Drug is a strange place... Up there with South of the Border and Carhenge for me...

  3. i just love these sightings, it brings me back in time and helps me forget about all of life's kaos!!

  4. Oh, I wish I'd been able to provide sightings like these for my friend Mara when we went to the Alberta Badlands last week.
    Gorgeous photos, Dina.

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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  5. Hope you are having a great trip, you practically came by my doorstep on the way to Mt. Rushmore, I live in Rapid City.
    Glad to have you here, and glad we have some nice fall days for you to enjoy.

  6. the munching prairie dog was my favorite from these shots too. :)

  7. Wonderful post, Dina! I made my first trip to the Badlands last month, and I seemed to have had a very similar wildlife experience. Plenty of prairie dogs, some bighorn sheep (no rams though), and a distinct lack of rattlesnakes! I certainly didn't want to surprise one, but it would have been cool to see one!