Saturday, July 2, 2011

Crescent Lake Park

Starling shining in the sun.

Female grackle with a juvenile.

Fat geese getting fed.

Juvenile white ibis downing a mouthful.

Foodfest at the ibis party.

Blue jay looking sad on the bench.

When it gets really I hot I tend to head for spots along the water to get the sea breeze. Before heading to the St. Petersburg Pier, I stopped at a nearby park. Crescent Lake Park is a small park near downtown St. Petersburg.  My last trip there was last spring when the baby geese were growing up. It looks like there weren't any baby geese this spring. People are always feeding them so they're pretty aggressive. I try and stay away from them. While I was walking around the lake, a lady and her daughter had a big loaf of bread and were feeding all of the animals at the park. The ibis were practically attacking each other for a slice of bread. Of course, they attacked the little girl as she was throwing out slices and finally she just threw the whole bag at them. This is why there are signs saying "Do not feed the wildlife." Oh well.


  1. Cute shots of the baby birds and I love the shot of the juvie ibis with the mouthful. The poor bluejay does look sad. Great captures.

  2. the ibis must have to move that bread a long way down that beak to eat. :)

  3. I love the colors on the Blue Jay. The Ibis mouthful shot is hilarious.