Monday, July 11, 2011

Wild stuff at the zoo

Blue jay in the tree.

Cool grasshopper. The zoo is full of them.

Adult blue heron feeding baby that's not so little anymore.

Baby blue heron yelling for mom to go get more food.

Baby blue heron profile. It'll be leaving the nest soon.

One of the last baby moorhens to be born. There might still be a few stragglers.

On my trip to the zoo to see the spoonbills, I walked around and found a few interesting things. The zoo is full of grasshoppers right now. Some of them have a lot of color. The last of the baby blue herons are getting big. Soon the alligator exhibit will only have alligators in it. How boring. My plan is to check on the baby spoonbills one more time before they take off.  I'm not sure how old they get before they leave the nest. Hopefully, I'll have another week to catch them.

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  1. i wonder if the egrets and herons eat the grasshoppers. we have a few hundred thousand around here i'd love to feed them...

    great shots!

  2. Great series Dina!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  3. What a rewarding day at the zoo! Love all those babies with bad hair days, the grasshoppers, although pretty to look at, you can keep as we had them in plague proportions last summer. Great bird shots.

  4. Fantastic images... if you had told me they were taken in the wild I would have believed you. Beautiful...

  5. Great stuff! I love the close-ups of the heron feeding her baby!

  6. Great photos. The Blue Jay is especially beautiful.

  7. Wow! These photos are spectacular!