Saturday, July 30, 2011

Frogs and a bird

One of my favorite places to visit in Atlanta is the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. It's funny that in the 17 years I lived in Atlanta I never went there. Now I try and go every time we are in town. My favorite part is the frog pond. You can hear them croaking as you walk down the path. They are really pretty frogs. Not like the bumpy brown ones living in our shutters. They all were posing nicely on lily pads. I could sit there for hours watching them hop around and talk to each other. But since hubby was with me and we were getting hungry, we finally left. I did manage to see a few birds while I was there. The above and a few robins.


  1. LOVE those frogs! and they don't even have to change into a prince for me - i'd just kiss 'em as they are! :)

  2. Les grenouilles :
    Magnifiques photos!
    le contraste dans les couleurs paraît irréel, c'est très réussi, bravo!