Sunday, July 24, 2011

Po at Zoo Atlanta

The newest baby panda at Zoo Atlanta is named after the main character in the Kung Fu Panda 2 movie. The movie donated a large sum of money to get to name the baby after their star. I think it's marketing genius.  Po was born in early November and even though he's around 8 months old he still acts like a little baby. Hubby and I drove up to Atlanta to spend a long weekend with his family for the 4th of July. The first thing on my agenda was a quick trip to the zoo. I got lucky on Sunday morning. Po was up and playing around. I stood there for almost an hour watching him. The only downside of going in the middle of summer is that the pandas stay indoors most of the day due to the heat. They were in an air conditioned 65 degree room and we were standing outside in the heat watching. The glass kept fogging up. A volunteer there had a squidgy and was continuously wiping the windows down so that you could see inside. It was a challenge to get decent pictures behind that glass that was also casting awful shadows.

Before I left the zoo, I stopped by the gorilla habitat. The zoo in Tampa does not have gorillas and the Atlanta zoo has a pretty nice one. There were several juvenile gorillas playing around in the grass. Kids were going crazy watching them play.

Then I was off to find a cemetery.


  1. such cute little ones of both species!

  2. Oh, yes, Po is certainly acting like a baby panda — the youngsters in San Diego (I watch them on the Panda Cam) were like this at about 4 months old, chewing on their mother and generally causing trouble. It's my favorite time to watch them, so I think your photos are fabulous. I love the young gorillas, too, playing around together like children and puppies.

    —Kay, Alberta, Canada

  3. The little pandas are so sweet and gentle.

  4. Very nice post and photos, too.


  5. Delightful shots of the zoo babies!