Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fort Desoto - Skywatch Friday

Least tern looking for fish.

Laughing gulls chasing a least tern.

Nice hair day. Snowy egret catching the wind on a lamp post.

Manatee snuggling up to a raft.

Another beautiful Sunday afternoon at Ford Desoto beach. I had already walked down the beach to the fishing pier and had come back to hubby at the beach chairs. We were sitting under the umbrella contemplating whether it was time to go home or should we stay a little longer. Then hubby says "Far down the beach, there's a big brown blob in the water. Is that a manatee?" We knew the dolphins wouldn't get that close to shore along the stretch of beach. We had never seen a manatee along the beach line. I've only seen them on the other side of the park, in the lagoon area, when I was kayaking. Then people started pointing to it. The manatee swam up to few people who were swimming along the sand bar. I grabbed my camera and took some pictures. I waded out until I was waist deep holding my camera on my head. People were swimming near it and weren't sure what to do. One little kid went screaming out of the water. I kept telling people to just stand still and let it swim up to them, which it did. It's pretty cool to have one swim up to you in the wild, at a place where you didn't have to pay to swim with them. He was so close I could only get pictures of his snout. All the while hubby was watching from the beach chair. When I got back to my chair he said "You're such a tourist." I'm glad we stayed a little longer.

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  1. oh that's too cool!!!

    love the egret fly-away coif! and the shot of the gulls with the tern. really nice.

  2. Beautiful captures Dina.

  3. Great captures, and yes you can kayak the whole area and not see a sole!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  4. Truly amazing photos. I have a beach and a Nikon D70 with 3 lenses. I think I need to put them together now that I have such inspiration.

  5. What fun for you, being a tourist. I'm SO jealous.
    The egret photo is my favorite, though. Fabulous!
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  6. Awesome series of photos. Love the terns and the egret. The manatee is a cool sighting too. They are cute!

  7. Tourist or not, these are some fine shots! Love the egret with the wild hairdo!

  8. Fabulous photos - the egret one is just wonderful.

  9. These are beautiful photos.