Monday, January 17, 2011

Birds and other things at Circle B Bar Reserve

My first bittern. Yea, I scratched this one off my list. But really, these pictures aren't too great. It was too close to the trail and didn't move for a half hour.

The bittern finally started creeping around under the brush.

This woodpecker was screaming to have his picture taken.

Lazy limpkins hanging around the booms in the lake.

Some type of water snake that had just crawled out of the lake.

There was a raccoon family high up in a tree. My thanks to Philip (one of the semi-regulars to the park) for spotting these guys. He sees everything.

These blue winged teals were too cute. They would bob under the water at the same time.

My New Year's Eve trip to Circle B Bar Reserve in Lakeland was pretty productive. I finally saw my first bittern. It almost looks like a green heron but without the pretty colors that the green heron has. They blend in well with the dead reeds in the marsh. I might have just walked right by him if a group hadn't already been standing there watching him. It's amazing the amount of limpkins there. They were everywhere.

I am disappointed about Bubba though. One of the park's largest alligators, who lived in the main pond at the big intersection of trails, was relocated. I'm not sure if it was out of the park or a different section of the park. She was very visible in her spot and would lay right on the edge of the trail. The section was roped off and there were big warning signs not to bother the alligators but apparently some kids were seen throwing rocks at her so the park moved her. She was a little too close but I liked to see her laying there on my visits.

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  1. Love those Bittern shots.
    I wish I could get that close to our Bitterns :)

  2. Beautiful images. Many thanks for sharing.

  3. Lots of goodies here, and I love the Bittern shots. They can be difficult.

  4. Good series!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  5. This is an amazing assortment of wildlife--I love the Teals, Im never in the right place to see them. Love the snake and the coons too! Congrats on the Bittern! Lovely photos of all!!!

  6. Wow! That woodpecker sure knew how to pose! Usually one sees them mainly in profile or from the back so your shot really is exceptional. I love bitters, was it the booming bittern? They can really have a crazy booming call.

    You certainly had a very productive day out.