Saturday, January 8, 2011

Circle B Bar Reserve in December - Part 2

Yes, this cattle egret ate the frog. Down in one gulp!

Osprey flying over me.


The osprey finally got a fish. I tried to get him hitting the lake to catch it but it was directly in the sun and did not come out well. As he flew past me I was able to get the above.

Turkey vulture peeking out behind the tree.


Green heron in the lake.

More birds from my pre-Christmas trip to Circle B Bar Reserve in Lakeland. The place is finally hopping with variety. Lots more from my post-Christmas trip later.


  1. Fantastic photos! When I stopped home on my lunch break one day there were a group of ibis in our yard and street, when I pulled out to go back to work there was one left that would move out of the way...he had a huge frog in his beak! I went the other way so not to disturb his lunch! No camera as I drive :(

    I love the osprey pics...we've seen so many this year. I love to watch them.

  2. You got some very nice shots of these birds.

  3. I love turkey vultures...they're so ugly they're cute!

  4. Turkey Vultures look just like their cartoon depictions, unlike pelicans.

  5. I guess those cow birds aren't picky eaters:)

  6. Very nice shots -- I really like the egret with the frog!