Saturday, January 15, 2011

Kapok Park in December

"Can someone please clean up my home?" says the night heron.


Loggerhead shrike posed in the tree.
I couldn't find this duck in my Florida Audubon app. It was a surface feeding duck. I've never seen this one before.

My first kildeer shot. There were 3 of them but they are very skittish and I couldn't get them all together.

Muscovy ducks don't get much attention. This guy was watching me for a while when I was taking pictures of the kildeer so I turned around and snapped a few of him.

A quick pre-New Year's walk around Kapok Park provided a few new birds for me. This was the first time I had seen a kildeer that close and I had never seen a loggerhead shrike at Kapok before. Still trying to figure out what type of duck that was. It was all alone feeding near a group of limpkins and ibis. There seems to be a lot of trash in the lake. The only way to clean it up would be to get a boat in there. I'm sure with cutbacks there's no one maintaining these small parks. 


  1. Great photos! Sad to see the trash on the shoreline. Your unknown duck looks like one of the female scaups? Lesser or Greater?

  2. It does, indeed. I'm going to go with a Lesser Scaup, as the range for the Greater doesn't normally extend that far south. Although, this has all been changing with the wierd weather we've been having the last few years. None-the-less, your photos are great. Love the caption accompanying the heron. ~karen

  3. Beautiful shots Dina. A productive day at the park.

  4. Excellent shots of all the birds Dina. I especially like the Loggerhead Shrike, the lighting is perfect.

    I agree that your duck is a female Lesser Scaup. Not only because of the range but she has the "peaked" crown.

    Its a shame that people are so thoughtless with their garbage.

  5. You warbler is a Palm Warbler. Great shots btw!