Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Circle B Bar Reserve in December - Part 1

White pelicans flying by a few trees full of storks. Yes, we have winter in central Florida. Everything was brown and red. All of the pretty yellow flowers are gone.

Glossy ibis in flight.

Black bellied whistling ducks sleeping. They look so peaceful on the side of the trail.

Black bellied whistling duck preening with that bright pink beak.

Why did the warbler cross the road? To get the bug in the middle of it.

Glossy ibis preening.

The Tuesday before Christmas I decided to head to Circle B in Lakeland before we drove to Atlanta on Wednesday. It did not start out good. I got about 10 minutes away from the reserve and got a flat tire on Polk Parkway. Thank goodness for AAA. I've had it forever and that's the first time I've had to use it for a flat tire (and hopefully the last). He was there in under half an hour at 8am in the morning and it took him about 20 minutes to change it. All was not lost. I still headed to the reserve since I was almost already there. It was a quiet morning there. All of the birds seemed to be resting or preening. Since I knew I needed to head back to Tampa to get the tire replaced before the Atlanta trip I only stayed for two hours. I did manage to get a lot of pictures in that short time. More on Circle B to come.


  1. You find all the beauties to photograph Dina.

  2. Your photos are excellent in this post. Nice warbler.