Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Year's Day at Fort Desoto Park - Skywatch Friday

While everyone up north was snowed in, I spent New Year's Day at the beach. Ahh, the advantages of living in Florida. I spent Christmas weekend in snowy, dreary Atlanta but on this morning I rolled out of bed, threw on shorts and a t-shirt and headed for Fort Desoto beach. It was really windy out but in the sun it was warm. We walked around the usual bird areas but didn't find too much that afternoon. The beach area was full of laughing gulls. I'm not sure what the brown birds are. The almost look like cowbirds. There was a huge flock of them in a field and I thought it was neat the way they would line up on the ground and the back row would move to the front and they kept moving across the field this way.

The strong wind brought out the kiteboarders. There was a large crowd of spectators watching. The guy in the first picture was the only guy I saw without a wet suit on. He must have been freezing. Or maybe he was from up north?

It was a nice way to spend the day!

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  1. How nice to wear shorts in winter...but I really don't mind winter (well, most of the time). BUT I would have loved to have seen and photographed the kite surfers! :)

  2. The advantages indeed lol! Lovely pics and that boarding looks like fun!

    Have a great weekend & happy SWF!

  3. Great kiteboarding shots. That guy really had some air!