Sunday, January 2, 2011

Limpkins at Lettuce Lake

More nasty weather pictures from Lettuce Lake. There were quite a number of limpkins in the park right before Christmas. They were loud, yelling back and forth. When I was taking these pictures a man stopped me and was asking about the limpkins. He said they sounded like turkeys to him. In a way I guess they do. The last 2 pictures almost look the same. The limpkin had an apple snail in his beak and walked over to the edge and started banging it on a stump in the water. In the bottom picture he has pulled out the snail part and left the shell over to the left.  

I said he, but both the male and female look exactly alike. I've been told that the male is slightly larger but I can't tell the difference when I see 2 of them together.

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