Monday, January 3, 2011

War Memorial Park - a few bites - My World Tuesday

Juvenile blue heron eating a dragonfly.

Great blue heron with a fish.

There are so many parks in Pinellas county. I was on my way to look for the eagles and decided to drive through the War Memorial Park that sits on the water. I had been by there many times but never inside the park. It sits on an inlet in south St. Petersburg.  At first I thought there wouldn't be too much there but I did find a few birds eating. As I wandered out to the end of the park, I noticed the above couple sitting under the palm trees watching the gulls fly by. They seemed so peaceful it made me want to stop, slow down and take in the sights.  That lasted about a minute and then I was on to find more birds.

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  1. Beautiful phototgraphs again Dina.

  2. Excellent captures. I love birding in Florida, although it's been a few years since I've had that pleasure. Happy New Year to YOU! ~karen

  3. Excellente collection Dina. happy new year too ;-)

  4. Great blog! Your photography is astounding. You would be invited to contribute to World Bird Wednesday a place for bird bloggers to share their experiences. Check it out at