Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Chesnut Park birds and animals.

I was walking along the boardwalk and heard a scream. I backed up thinking "that's a hawk close by". I look all around and found the above screaming right above my head.

All of a sudden he notices me. He looks at me like "where'd you come from" and took off.

I found this male anhinga posing on a stump. I like the way his white feathers stick out on his head.

I found this green heron poking around in the reeds.

My goal every time I go to Chesnut Park it to get pictures of the wild deer that live there. This is all I got. I saw it right as it was dashing under the boardwalk and ran deep in the woods. My husband said "Why do you keep taking pictures of deer butts?" Cause that's all I keep seeing. One of these days though...

This small alligator seemed to be smiling at me. Alligators are like dolphins in that they seem to both have a permanent smile on their faces.


  1. Is that a red shouldered hawk? We have the green herons too, I love them! Very nice photos!

  2. While I always like your hawk shots, I really, really like your green heron today. He's so cute with his talons wrapped around that stalk. And nice scampering deer butt, by the way.

  3. Nice images, particularly of the Red-shouldered Hawk!

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  5. Thanks to everyone for the comments! Hopefully, one of these days I won't have a blurry deer butt to post.

    Thanks, Bonnie, I found your site while searching for an upcoming trip to the keys possibly in early May. I've never been so I have a lot of reading up to do.